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August 25, 1998
> Now My question
> to anyone out there is please please is there a list for AWAY band camps I
> don't think we could do this again next year and I have been told I could find
> one .We are in S.C  . I have tried searching the web but with no success I will
> be grateful for any info anyone has.
> Donna McClure
> Proud Parent ,
> an of an Athlete with an Instrument
> Rock Hill S.C.


I take my band away to a Jr. College which is about 60 miles south of Fort Worth.
We went down on Sunday afternoon, August 2 and came home the next Wed. afternoon.
This may seem a rather short time but we are very time intensive and we work the
kids like dogs.  We charge the kids $75 @.  This covers the room and the meals and
really the kids don't need anything else except money for the drink machines.

We have been doing this for 12 years and it tends to work great.  This year we
took 160 students, 4 directors, 5 music/marching techs and 5 parents.  Here is
what we do at camp.  We arrive about 4:00 PM on Sunday and get the kids assigned
to the dorms and then feed them in the cafeteria at 5:00.  At 6:00 we are seated
in the band hall and we give them THE RULES and what the plan of attack will be.
We are on the parking lot which just happens to be a full 100 yards long X 160
feet wide.  The college lets us mark it off with the temporary chalk spray.  We
march till about 9:00 and are then inside with full band till 11:00 PM.  Students
are in their rooms by 11:30 and the doors are taped at this time.

We get them up at 6:00 AM and are on the field at 7:00 for warm-ups and basic
marching techniques, breakfast at 8:00 and back on the field till noon.  Lunch and
back in sectionals at 1:00PM.  We have a rest session for the whole band from
3:00-3:30 using relaxation techniques.  From 3:30-5:00 we have full band and work
on stand tunes.  Supper at 5:00 and back in full band at 6:00 till 7:30 working on
show music.  7:30-11:00 is outside marching practice and yes, we do have portable
lighting that we use.  (Try Sam's.  $100 for 1000 candle power lights and stands.
We use two.)
Wed. is the same in the morning except that we practice inside from 11:00-noon.
After lunch we pack up, check out, and get on buses and return home.  We have a
rather short camp but as you can see, it is very intensive.

The students have Thursday off and then we practice from 9:00-5:00 on Friday and
Monday.  We began school on Wed. and are into our normal routine.

Bottom line:  Most Jr. Colleges will bend over backward to get you on their
campus.  They do charge, but the cost is reasonable.  They love to get your kids
on their campus because it is the best possible recuritment tool possible.  In the
last 10 years I have had over 75 kids attend this jr college and WITH a full
scholarship of tuition, books and room.  All this for playing in jr college band.

Look into is a good deal.

Dave Huff
Everman ISD
Fort Worth, TX

Aug. 22, 1998

After many years of having band camp away from the school, ours was held
at the school this year.  The place we had gone to many years, which was
a FFA camp, was getting worse and worse each year (especially the
food).  Weren't sure how it would go, but it seemed to be a great
success.   Last year the band camp fee was up to $120.  This year it was
$95.  It ran Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.

On Wednesday, they went to a local state park in the afternoon.  Had a
cookout and went swimming.  On Thursday, after the practice, they went
to the local bowling alley, which does this think where they play music
and bowl and stuff, they call it the "Rock and Bowl".  Friday was
parent's night.  Had a cookout, and then ran what the had learned for
the parents.  On Saturday, everyone that was there the whole week got to
go to King's Island Amusement Park.

As far as food, we were concerned too, not having parents to feed a band
of approximately 150 kids and the staff.  Our school's food service,
catered the whole thing.  I don't know the whole cost, but it must not
have been too bad, considering all the other things the kids did during
the week.  The food was not the usual school lunch stuff, it was served
buffet style and kids could take as much as they wanted, as long as they
ate it all.  There was a very large selection, including fruits, salads,
and a lot better variety than they were getting at their away band camp.

All in all, the kids were very happy, and got to sleep in their own beds
each night.  Yes, the older kids did miss the bonding that occurs with
an away camp, but the younger kids really liked it, and this is probably
how we will do it from now on.

Aug. 21, 1998

Now, a suggestion -- we have a one week AWAY (with someone else doing the
cooking! Ha! ) Band Camp for our kids.  For the past three years we have used
YMCA camps.  We book the dates well in advance, after checking out the camps.
They are within driving distance of home - an important consideration if you
want/need/expect parents to come and chaperone or help out.  I would check out
Girl Scout/Boy Scout organizations also.  They usually (at least in Michigan)
have sleepover camps that might fit the bill.  When you speak to anyone
connected with a camp of any sort, ask for other ideas.

Another idea used by schools around here is going to a neighboring college for
a Camp organized and run by the college Band department.  We send our
drum majors to Michigan State for their drum major camp but prefer to run our
own Band Camp.  That way our kids bond with each other and work on our show
only.  I'm pretty sure that U of Mich. has a Camp, too. 

And, then, when you are ready to start setting up that Camp, come and talk to
me again.....  it's still too fresh in my mind to discuss right now! 

Remember to enjoy!

Roberta Hofmann
Band Mom
Walled Lake Central Viking Marching Band
Commerce Twp, Walled Lk, W Bloomfield & White Lk Michigan
Pres, WLC Music Boosters

Aug 23, 1998

We're another band that does "band camp" at home, and it's free of
charge. It runs half days for one week (9-12, with the individual
practice expected at home), full days for the next (9-8, just completed)
and half-plus (9-12, with specials on an ad hoc basis) for the third.
The school has a tradition of providing a school lunch to the sports
teams during the second week, so we piggyback on that. I'm not sure what
they get, but I have heard no complaints since I've been involved, and
that's since 1991. 

We got an impromptu concert of the first two movements on Friday night.
After the kids stopped playing, all the parents (who happened to be
there picking up kids) cheered (of course). Then the director, wearing a
poker face, walks slowly toward band. All eyes are on him, a hush falls
over the crowd, the band afraid to move. And then with exquisite timing
he cheers and applauds and the bands goes nuts. :-)

John Matras
Pocono Mountain HS Bands dad
Swiftwater, PA

Aug. 23, 1998

>It's a fact that this sort of getting away definitely creates a strong
>bonding of the band members and enhances their sense of team unity.  It
>never fails, they always return home a changed group of kids...with a sense
>of purpose, a determination and a great espirit de corps.

That's  what our director and older members think too.  At away band camp
are no distraction.  It's work, work and more work.  From 8am until after

We go to Middle Tennessee State University.  That's a little over 3 hours
south of
 Louisville, KY.  It costs each marcher $235.00.  That includes additional
staff, lodging,
food and the  cost of buses roundtrip (a parent goes down to get the drivers
and another one returns them to MTSU.) That saves $$, when we are paying
$1.00 per mile to the school board for the use of the busses, plus the
drivers salary.

Our director has been going there for years.  We have another week of camp
and home from
8am until 9pm with two 90 minute breaks for meals.  They have to provide
their own meals.
There are no parent volunteers.

 Jean Harris
South Oldham

Aug. 23, 1998

King Philip does a three-day band camp at home from 1:00 to 8:30, followed
by a one-day break to pack for its away band camp.  The away camp runs a
full 7 days.

This year (the seventh year), the band is in New Hampshire.  We've had
previous camps in Maine and New Hampshire.  It's always held a good
three-hour's drive keep parents at home! (so it's purported,
although that doesn't stop the visiting....except very strictly no meals or
accommodations for visitors...discourages loitering at the camp)

It's a rigorous 7 most band camps.  The first practice starts
at 8:00 a.m. and goes until noon.  The second practice starts at 1:00 and
goes until 5:00.  The third practice starts at 7:30 and finishes at 9:00.
Lights out at 10:30 and reveille at 7:00.  Early evening sees recreation
(swimming, softball, basketball, volleyball, etc.) and all must staying in your cabin.  After nine in the evening is
organized social activity, like group games....skits on the last evening.

This year there are 80+ band members, 12 volunteer cabin counselors (all
alumni of the band), a dozen or so volunteer parents and 18 staff.

It's a fact that this sort of getting away definitely creates a strong
bonding of the band members and enhances their sense of team unity.  It
never fails, they always return home a changed group of kids...with a sense
of purpose, a determination and a great espirit de corps.

I love it!!

See some of you (or at least your bands) at the CMBC finals, and perhaps at
some of the preliminaries.

- Peter (King Philip Music Association, Wrentham MA)

Aug. 23, 1998

Our high school, El Dorado, has a two week band camp on campus.  Very few if
any school in this area goes to an overnight band camp.  We are in camp from
8:00 to 1:30 every day and on the last day we have a pool party for the kids
which is held at the school pool.  

If performers are wishing to have an extended band camp experience there is
the California Music Academy which is also a two week program from 8:00 to
5:00 and is located at Cal State Fullerton.  This can be an over night
experience if you wish or you can come and go each day.  This does not consist
of marching just good old music.  

Hope you find this helpful. 

El Dorado H.S.
Placentia, CA

Aug. 24, 1998

We are now through two weeks of a three week band camp. It may sound
surprising for California, but band camp is free (sort of). Actually, the
costs are included in our annual budget. It's held at the high school, so
we only have to cover instructional charges. Band camp runs from 8 to 4
daily, with a 1 1/2 hours for lunch. We do not provide lunch for the band
and color guard members.

During the first week of band camp, band members come back in a staggered
schedule. All freshman and other first year students arrive on Monday,
sophomores on Tuesday, and the remainder of the band on Wednesday. The
first two days are used to learn and review music and marching warm-ups. By
the middle of the week, they are on to learning the march and field show.
Hopefully they will have learned both the first and second movements by the
end of the third week.

Like many of you, the culmination of band camp is "family night" where
everyone gets together for a pot luck meal followed by a presentation of
the first (and maybe second) movement of the field show and the march. This
year the student band leadership has provided an additional incentive
(maybe decentive) for band families to come out. A member of each family
will be asked to join their family band member on the field and try to
"shadow" the band as they march the first movement. It sounds kind of wild.
I hope no one runs into a tuba.

Steven Friedman
Thousand Oaks, CA

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