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Why Teach Fine Arts?

Music lessons have been shown to improve a child's performance in
school.  After 8 months of keyboard lessons, preschoolers tested showed
a 46% boost in their spatial IQ (Unif of Cal. Irvine).

Students scored 51 points higher on verbal and 39 points higher on math

Gallup found 71% of those in a survey thought music ed should be
mandated by the states.

US Dept of Labor issued a report in 1991 urging schools to teach music,
they said the skills (working in teams, communication, self-esteem,
creative thinking, imagination,and ivention) are exactly those learned
in music and needed for the future workplace

Check out the web site for "ArtsWire".

Eugene Mitofsky, Chairman
Band Director Lane Tech High School
Chicago, IL

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