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Adele's Cookie Recipe

About ten days to two weeks before the final competition and before the last practice before the final competition, you call every band member's parents. Ask them to come to a pep rally for the band on the last practice before the final competition. Ask them to bring along a bag of cookies or a bag of candy. (This year we also asked about 25 parents to bring a 6-pack of soda or juice.) Collect all the cookies and candy. Band does a full performance of show in street clothes for the parents, friends, grandparents, etc. We yell and scream and really pump them up. The night before the last competition, open up about 2/3 of the cookies and candy that you've collected and put them in a very, very large rubbermaid tub that has a cover on it (Those under the bed containers work really well). When opening up the bags, don't open all the same kind at once. Alternate. Put layers of candy in between the cookies, because if you put all the candy on top or in a different container, the first 20 or so kids will take all the candy and there won't be any left for the rest of the band. Load the cookie salad on the instrument or prop truck to take to the competition. Also make sure you have enough quart size zip-loc bags for each band member. After they perform, serve the cookie salad and sodas for a job well done. If you should run out of cookies open the other 1/3 of the bags that you have, if not, save them for end of year band party. That's it. --
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