Member Roster

The following is a current list of our members.  If you are a member of the IBBI mailing list and your name is not shown below, we do not have current information for your account.  Please e-mail the webmaster with your first name, last name, city, state, school, band nickname and band URL.  Your e-mail address will NOT appear in this roster!

Allen, Tom                                                               Anaheim, CA                                                               Loara High School
      Loara Saxons                                                    

Baker, Mary                                                            Boise, ID                                                                       Mountan Cove Alt. High School

Bankhead, Chuck                                                   Sealy, TX                                                                      Sealy High School
      Tiger Band                                                                 

Barber-Steers, Rosemary                                    Cedar Springs, MI                                                       Cedar Springs Public School
      Marching Red Hawks                                      

Batchelor, Barbara                                               Rogers, AK                                                                   Lingle Middle/Oakdale Jr.
      Lingle Lions/Oakdale Jr. High Patriots                 

Beaver, Bob                                                             Hoover, AL                                                                  Hoover High School
      Pride of the Mountain                                     

Bensberg, Tom                                                       Lexington, KY                                                             Henry Clay High School
      Blue Devils                                                         

Benton, Rob                                                             Hillsboro, OR                                                               Hillsboro High School

Blackwell, Kimberly                                             Lake Jackson, TX                                                       Brazoswood High School
      Buc Band                                                           

Booher, Brian                                                         Huntington Beach, CA                                              Edison High School

Bradley, Susan                                                        Washington, NC                                                          P.S. Jones Middle School
      Band of Demons                                                      

Brais, Paul                                                               Whittier, CA                                                                 La Serna High School

Bray, Mark                                                              Sterling Heights, MI                                                    Stevenson High School

Brouillard, Maria                                                  Merced, CA                                                                  Rivera Middle School
      Rivera Band and Color Guard                       

Burke, Ann                                                                                                                                                       Sycamore High School

Campbell, Susan                                                     Lake Jackson, TX                                                       Brazoswood High School
      Buc Band                                                           

Carroll, Karla                                                        Rolla, MO                                                                     Rolla High School
      Marching Bulldogs                                                   

Caserta, Mike                                                          Lake Jackson, TX                                                       Brazoswood High School
      Buc Band                                                           

Childers, Beth                                                         Lake Jackson, TX                                                       Brazoswood High School
      Buc Band                                                           

Cobb, Randy                                                            Fort Worth, TX                                                            Southwest High School

Connaughton, Steve                                               Newburgh, IN                                                              Castle High School

Corbett, Ken                                                            Columbia, SC                                                              Irmo High School
      Bands of Irmo                                                  

Corbin, Renee                                                         Cullowhee, NC                                                            Western Carolina University

Cox, Monica                                                            Moss Point, MS                                                           Moss Point High School

Crim, Suzette                                                           Silver Spring, MD                                                        James Bowie H.S. - Arlington, TX

Cross, Jamie                                                            Glenpool, OK                                                               Morris High School

Crouch, Kimberly                                                  Cape Coral, FL                                                            Cape Coral High School
      Seahawk Marching Band                                       

Crowley, Joanne                                                    Wilmington, NC                                                          E.A. Laney High School
      Marcing Buccaneers                                        

Daniels, Bill                                                             Collierville, TN                                                             Collierville High School
      Dragon Regiment                                             

Day, Jeff                                                                   Madison, IN                                                                 Madison Consolidated High School
      Marching Cubs                                                 

Del Monte, Lee Ann                                               Washington, NC                                                          Washington High School
      Marching Pam Pack                                        

Douton, Bill/Linda                                                 Trumbull, CT                                                               Trumbull High School
      Golden Eagle Marching Band                                

Dreer, Sandi                                                            Little Elm, TX                                                              Little Elm High School
      Lobo Band                                                        

Drent, Jeanne                                                          Kent City, MI                                                              Kent City High School
      Marching Eagles                                               

Dunai, Bruce                                                           Dallas, TX                                                                    Lake Highlands Area Band Club

Dungy, Joey                                                             Cottontown, TN                                                          White House Heritage H.S.
      Band of Patriots                                                       

Dunn, Mike                                                              Powder Springs, GA                                                    McEachern High School
      Marching Indians                                             

Eads, Kathy                                                             Pasadena, TX                                                              Pasadena High School
      Eagle Alliance Marching Band                      

Eary, Patricia                                                         Cedar Springs, MI                                                       Cedar Springs High School
      Marching Redhawks                                        

Engimann, Robert                                                 Bellbrook, OH                                                             Bellbrook High School
      Marching Eagles                                               

Firkey, Jean                                                            Crestwood, KY                                                            South Oldham H.S.
      Marching Dragons                                                    

Fletcher, Debra                                                       Cache, OK                                                                    Cache High School
      Bulldog Band                                                            

Flood, Berta                                                                                                                                                    East Paulding High School

Friedman, Steve                                                     Thousand Oaks, CA                                                   Thousand Oaks High School
      Lancer Band and Colorguard                        

Gaddis, Ronnie                                                       Weaver, AL                                                                  Weaver High School

Garza, Matthew                                                      Kenosha, WI                                                                CYO Band
      Emerald Knights                                               

Gaukin, Lynn                                                          Parma Heights, OH                                                    Valley Forge High School

Genzel, Ingrid                                                                                                                                                 Downey High School
      Viking Band                                                              

George, Connie                                                       Greenville, SC                                                              Berea High School
      Green Machine                                                 

Gessner, Jiliann                                                                                                                                             

Gibson, Darline                                                      Maylene, AL                                                                Thompson High School
      Marching Southern Sounds                                    

Giles, Teri                                                                Crawfordville, FL                                                        Wakulla High School

Goin, Deborah                                                                                                                                               

Gremillion, Bill/Linda                                         San Antonio, TX                                                         Reagan High School

Guistwite, Hope                                                      Robesonia, PA                                                             Conrad Weiser High School
      Marching Scouts                                                       

Harris, Teresa                                                        Nashville, TN                                                               Antioch High School

Harvell, Anita                                                         Philadelphia, NY                                                         Indian River High School

Hassell, Edith                                                          Northport, AL                                                              Tuscaloosa County High School

Henry, Sam                                                              TX                                                                                  Brazoswood High School
      Buc Band                                                           

Herb, Patty                                                              Warner Robins, GA                                                    Warner Robins High School

Hernandez, Sandra                                                Woodside, DE                                                              Polytech High School

Hewitt, Glenn                                                                                                                                                 

Hicks, Shelley                                                                                                                                                  Bunker Hill High School
      Marching Bear Band                                       

Ives, Diane                                                               Grant, MI                                                                     Grant High School
      Marching Tigers                                                        

Jett, Carolyn                                                           Bremen, AL                                                                 Cold Springs High School

Johnson, Merry                                                      Cookevile, TN                                                             Cookeville High School

Kincaid, Kate                                                          WV                                                                                 Belington Middle School

Kirk, Keitha                                                            Weaver, AL                                                                  Weaver High School

Klimetz, David                                                        Eads, TN                                                                       Briarcrest Christian High School

Knight, Monty/Lisa                                               Knoxville, TN                                                              South Doyle High School

Kolcz, Ed                                                                  Deerfield Beach, FL                                                  

Laufer, Joni                                                                                                                                                    Carroll High School

Lehman, Sue                                                            Traqil Creek, IN                                                          Michigan City High School
      Wolfpack Marching Band                                      

Lesh, Sandra                                                           St. Peters, MO                                                              Fort Zumwalt South High School

Ley, Ginny                                                               Lima, OH                                                                     Shawnee High School
      Band of One                                                              

Lindner, Sue                                                            Enumclaw, WA                                                           Enumclaw High School
      The Hornets                                                               

Lister, Greg                                                             Nashville, TN                                                               John Overton High School
      Johnny O                                                            

Lizana, Herman                                                     Sumrall, MS                                                                 Sumrall Middle/High School

Lock, Sharon                                                           Orlando, FL                                                                  Cypress Creek High School

Lory, Keith                                                              Lewisville, TX                                                              Lewisville High School
      The Band that Marches with Pride               

Luongo, Mary                                                         Cerritos, CA                                                                 Cerritos High School
      Regiment of Gold                                                     

Madill, Ted                                                              Whittier, NC                                                                 Smoky Mountain H.S.
      Marching Mustangs                                         

Maher, Cathy                                                          Orland Park, IL                                                           Jering Junior H.S.

Matras, John                                                           Swiftwater, PA                                                             Pocono Mountain H.S.

Mayes, Jeffrey                                                        Evansville, IN                                                              Evansville Harrison H.S.
      Warrior Command                                          

McCullough, Larry                                               Choctaw, MS                                                               Choctaw Central H.S.
      Maroon Band                                                   

McDonald, Peter                                                    Marietta, GA                                                                Pope High School

Merchant, Amber                                                   Skiatook, OK                                                               Skiatook High School

Miley, Jason                                                            Houston, TX                                                                C.E. King High School

Mitre, Jim                                                                Lynnwood, WA                                                           Lynnwood High School

Monroe, Jim                                                            Riverside, CA                                                               Rubidoux High School

Morrell, Lorraine                                                  Torrance, CA                                                               North High School
      Saxon Regiment                                               

Morris, James                                                         Lexington, KY                                                             Tates Creek High School

Murray, Mike                                                         Hollins, VA                                                                   Northside High School

Myers, Raymond                                                    Nashville, TN                                                               John Overton High School
      Johnny O                                                            

Neal, Debra                                                                                                                                                      Massac County High School
      Marching Patriots                                                     

Nelms, Keith                                                            Rabun County, GA                                                    Rabun County High School

O'Halek, Sue                                                           Porter, IN                                                                      Chesterton High School
      Trojan Guard                                                            

Ossowicz, Stacy                                                      Cape Coral, FL                                                            Cape Coral High School
      Seahawk Marching Band                                       

Pajcic, LeAnn                                                          Parma Heights, OH                                                    Valley Forge High School

Patrick, Brooke                                                                                                                                             

Paulhamus, Joe                                                      Norristown, PA                                                            Norristown Area High School

Phelps, Joey                                                             Fort Worth, TX                                                            Haltom High School
      The Pride of Haltom High                                      

Pichardo, Wendy                                                   Cape Coral, FL                                                            Cape Coral High School
      Seahawk Marching Band                                       

Puglisi, Paul                                                            Cape Coral, FL                                                            Cape Coral High School

Quatman, Bob                                                         Fort Myers, FL                                                            

Ranieri, Richard                                                    Pineville, NC                                                                S. Mecklenburg High School
      Sabre Regiment                                                

Rathbun, Kelly                                                        Lake Jackson, TX                                                       Brazoswood High School
      Buc Band                                                           

Ricketts, Ed                                                                                                                                                      Madison Consolidated High School
      Marching Cubs                                                 

Roach, Mark                                                           Oxnard, CA                                                                  Oxnard High School
      Marching Yellowjackets                                         

Robbins, Monica                                                    Aubrey, TX                                                                 

Rotenbury, Gary                                                    Plymouth Meeting, PA                                               Plymouth Whitemarsh High School
      Marching Colonials                                          

Rukstela, Patti                                                         Ridgley, MD                                                                 North Caroline H.S.
      Band of Blue                                                             

Ruth, Sandy                                                             Rio Rancho, NM                                                         Rio Rancho High School
      Rio Rancho Marching Band                          

Saline, Kelvin                                                          Duluth, MN                                                                  Duluth East High School

Schauer, Cindy                                                       Fort Gibson, OK                                                          Fort Gibson High School
      Royal Regiment                                                

Schwartz, Linda                                                     Marietta, GA                                                                Alan C. Pope High School
      Pope High School Marching Band                

Scott, Marcia                                                           Danville, VA                                                                Tunstall High School
      Trojan Vanguard                                              

Shimer, Angela                                                       White House, TN                                                       

Smith, Robert                                                          Phoenix, AZ                                                                 Barry Goldwater High School
      Barry Goldwater Pride Regiment                           

Smith, Robin                                                            Owasso, OK                                                                 Owasso High School
      The Pride of Owasso                                                

Smith, Sally                                                             Cedar Springs, MI                                                       Cedar Springs High School
      Marching Redhawks                                        

Springer, Alan                                                                                                                                               

Spyker, Joni                                                            Lima, OH                                                                     Lima High School

Stephens, Michele                                                                                                                                          

Surface, Jim                                                            Pendleton, IN                                                               Pendelton Heights H.S.

Swartz, Richard                                                      Las Cruces, NM                                                          Mayfield High School

Swayne, Bob                                                            Dana Point, CA                                                           Dana Hills High School

Synder, Kathy                                                         McDonough, GA                                                         Eagle's Landing H.S.

Tracy, Gregory                                                      Luling, TX                                                                    Luling High School
      Eagle Band                                                                

Turner, Mary                                                          Commerce Twp, MI                                                   Walled Lake Northern

Vance Trup, Mindy                                               Sacramento, CA                                                         Sacramento High School
      Sac High Dragons                                                     

Watson, Kim                                                           Beardstown, IL                                                           Beardstown Middle School

Weightman, Sandra                                              N. Fort Myers, FL                                                        N. Fort Myers High School
      Marching Red Knights                                             

Welch, Jim                                                               Bartlesville, OK                                                           Bartlesville High School
      Bruin Brigade                                                            

Wert, Sandra                                                           Comstock Park, MI                                                    Comstock Park High School
      Panther Marching Band                                          

Williamson, Liz                                                      Niceville, FL                                                                 Niceville High School
      Eagle Pride                                                                 

Wilson, Diana                                                         Gilbert, AZ                                                                    Mesquite High School
      Wildcat Band                                                            

Wilson, Warrick                                                    Kingston, WA                                                              Kingston Junior H.S.

Winslow, Milton/Brenda                                      Moncks Corner, SC                                                    Berkeley High School
      The Blue Brigade                                              

Yenetchi, George                                                    Baytown, TX                                                               Ross S. Sterling H.S.

Young, Terri                                                           Longmont, CO                                                            Longmont Christian School



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