Simplified Rules of Order

Motions That Bring a Question Again Before the Assembly

Discharge a Committee (From Further Consideration)

If a question has been referred, or a task assigned, to a committee that has not yet made its final report, and if a meeting wants to take the matter out of the committee's hands (either so that the meeting itself can deal with the matter or so that the matter can be dropped), such action can be proposed by means of a motion to discharge the committee from further consideration of a topic or subject.

Such a motion cannot interrupt another speaker, must be seconded, is debatable (including the question that is in the hands of the committee), and is amendable. Because the motion would change action already taken by the meeting, it requires:

  1. a two-thirds vote, or
  2. a majority vote when notice of intent to make the motion has been given at the previous meeting or in the call of the present meeting, or
  3. a vote of the majority of the entire membership--whichever is the most practical to obtain.

A negative vote on this motion can be reconsidered, but not an affirmative one.

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