Simplified rules of Order


bulletPrinciples of Parliamentary Procedure
bulletPreparing for a Meeting
bulletProcedures Used in Meetings
bulletQuorum of Members
bulletThe Agenda
bulletDebate on Motions
bulletProper Wording of a Motion
bulletRoll Call Vote
bulletDetermining Results of a Vote
bulletChallenging a Ruling of the Chair
bulletCommittee of the Whole
bulletVoting Rights of the Chair

bulletSimplified Rules of Order
bulletHow Motions are Classified
bulletTable 1. Order of Precedence of Motions
bulletThe Main Motion
bulletSubsidiary Motions
bulletPostpone Indefinitely
bulletPostpone to a Certain Time
bulletLimit or Extend Limits of Debate
bulletPrevious Question (To Vote Immediately)
bulletTable (Lay on the Table)
bulletPrivileged Motions
bulletOrders of the Day
bulletQuestion or Point of Privilege
bulletFix Time to Which to Adjourn
bulletIncidental Motions
bulletPoint of Order
bulletSuspension of the Rules
bulletObjection to the Consideration of a Question
bulletConsideration by Paragraph or Seriatim
bulletDivision of the Meeting (Standing Vote)
bulletMotions Related to Methods of Voting
bulletMotions Related to Nominations
bulletRequests and Inquiries
bulletMotions That Bring a Question Again Before the Assembly
bulletTake from the Table
bulletDischarge a Committee (From Further Consideration)

bulletSample Order of Business

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