The following is a list of duties and responsibilities for the Chaperones of the Governor Mifflin Marching Band.
bulletArrive about 15 minutes prior to the student report time (this time will be on your schedule). This will give you time to receive any last minute changes and organize yourself on the bus.
bulletAs students board the buses, stand on or outside of your bus to be "visible." Be alert for any potential rule violations. (See student rule sheet attached) Encourage students to take as little as possible with them. This is a good time to get to know the students on a more personal level. Be friendly.
bulletStudents need to sit 2 per seat.
bulletWhen it seems that your bus is full, have your student attendance taker take attendance. You may need to retain order while this is being done. NOTE: Students on loading crew will be the last ones to board the bus (You'll get to know who these people are. I will try to mark these names on the attendance sheet)
bulletReport any absences to Mrs. Cusano. (Mr. C. Usually has the people who he knows are going to be absent already crossed off the list.)
bulletAfter attendance is taken, ask the band members if they have all of their equipment. They should have an instrument (or know that it has been loaded on the truck), uniform, hat, gloves(?), and if they suffer from asthma, do they have their inhaler.
bulletOnly band personnel and chaperones are allowed on the bus. This includes band alumni. If in doubt, check with Mr. or Mrs. C. If you are chaperoning and have a younger child who attends the Governor Mifflin Schools, they may ride on YOUR bus.
bulletWhile the buses are traveling, your job is simply to maintain relative order. We all have different tolerance levels for noise, etc., but use your own judgment concerning noise levels.
bulletThe band members are to remain seated at all times and they are not permitted to sit on the backs of the seats. (Usually the only time they do this is when they are putting on or taking off uniforms. The bus drivers get real testy about this.)
bulletIf in doubt take your cue from the bus driver. It is usually a good idea to ask the bus driver to let you know if they are getting too loud for the driver. What may be not too loud for a passenger, might be distracting to the bus driver.
bulletAt the performance site, you may be asked to do any of the following:
bulletAccompany groups of students to the restrooms.
bulletRemind the students to dress quickly. You'll always have one or two that think they're going to a beauty pageant.
bulletAll students are required to wear shorts and T-shirts under their uniform. The students are not to strip down to their underwear or skin.
bulletKeep students on the bus until you get the word to unload.
bulletBefore unloading, make sure the students close the windows.
bulletRemind them to unpack equipment quickly and line up. This varies depending on the performance. We will let you know the specifics at the site.
bulletAfter the buses are empty, double check windows to be sure they are closed.
bulletEach bus will have a water jug. At football games, this jug needs to be carried out to the stadium.
bulletSomeone (probably Adele) will be in charge of the first aid kit, however, most injuries should be referred to the first aid personnel and Mr. or Mrs. C.
bulletProvide assistance to the students when needed.
bulletDistribute water when appropriate.
bulletExcept in specific circumstances, you should not be asked to carry student's personal items.


bulletSit in the stands with the band
bulletThere is absolutely no eating or drinking anything (other than water that we distribute to the band) in the stands.
bulletAssist in facilitating the seating of the group.
bulletIf you observe a problem, remind the student that their behavior is inappropriate.
bulletNo other students are to sit with the band members.
bulletWhile our band is performing, make sure no one walks through the band area.
bulletDuring the 3rd quarter, some chaperones should remain in the stands to watch the equipment.
bulletThe remaining chaperones should accompany the band to the restrooms and the concession area.
bulletWhen 2 minutes remain on the 3rd quarter clock, assist in reminding the students that they need to be back in the stands.
bulletFollowing the game, assist in moving the band to the buses, encourage them to get their equipment put away quickly.
bulletHave your attendance taker take attendance before departure.
bulletOccasionally, a student will not ride home from a game on the bus. Mr. or Mrs. C. will let you know who these students are.


bulletAfter the band is under the supervision of the staff, you may go into the stadium to watch the competition.
bulletFollowing the performance, report to the buses to supervise the loading and changing of clothing (sometimes the students are allowed to change into street clothes), get jackets or raincoats, etc.
bulletAssist in moving the band back into the stadium to watch the remainder of the. show.
bulletMaintain order in the stands as the staff is usually busy reviewing the judges' tapes.
bulletMrs. C. is the teacher in charge.
bulletRemind the students not to talk or comment loudly while another band is performing.
bulletAfter the awards, assist in moving the students to the buses.
bulletHave your attendance taker take attendance before departure.
bulletOccasionally, a student will not ride home from a competition on the bus. Mr. or Mrs. C. will let you know who these students are.
bulletBe aware that each competition is different and last minute changes are common. Be flexible.
bulletNote: Departure from the competition site is usually delayed due to a staff meeting with the judges. This is a good time to make sure no one has to make a last minute trip to the restrooms and is also a good time to distribute water to those who are thirsty.
bulletUpon arrival at the school, remind students to clean up their area (you'll have a trash bag for them to deposit trash into), close windows and take everything with them.
bulletWhen the bus is empty, double check windows, floors, and seats for trash or items left behind.


bulletThe students know what is expected of them, however, they sometimes forget or ignore what they are told. Remind them in a friendly manner.
bulletShow them the student rule sheet if necessary.
bulletRules are often broken when teenagers do not see a purpose for the rules. Explain the rule if necessary. 
bulletDON'T GET INTO A BATTLE WITH A STUDENT!! Let the school personnel (Mr. or Mrs. C) know about any difficulties that arise.
bulletDeliberate disobedience will not be tolerated.

After the first trip, the students know what to do and need very little help other than gentle reminding to move quickly and/or keep the noise down.

Our students, for the most part, are very cooperative and responsible. We're proud of them.



  1. Clipboard with attendance sheet and a copy of the bus rules.
  3. Water jug -- currently we only have 3 jugs, so one bus will not have one. I am hoping to purchase enough for all the buses.
  5. Cups
  7. One of the first aid kits. There will be one for each bus. One kit is a large kit, the others will have Band-Aids, Tylenol and a few other first aid items.
  9. Uniform Repair kit (needle and thread and safety pins) -- I will probably put this in with the first aid materials, except for the person who has the big first aid kit.
  11. Trash bag
  13. If you're helping on the field, make sure you have a jacket.
  15. Your own personal items.


The bus ride to and from band performances is part of the excitement of being part of the band. By following a few common-sense rules, you can help make the trip a pleasurable one for all concerned. Remember, most rules are made in the interest of efficiency and safety.


  1. Be sure you are on your assigned bus. You are expected to ride the bus unless you have a note from your parents.
  3. The chaperones will take attendance prior to any bus departure. The buses will not move until this has been done. Please cooperate by sitting quietly until attendance has been completed.
  5. As a general rule, THERE WILL BE NO EATING OR DRINKING ON THE BUSES. Most departure times allow you time to eat before leaving. If this is not possible, you will be informed by Mr. C whenever food is allowed. Please remember that trash is to be place in the bags that the chaperones will have or boxes provided and not on the seats or floor.
  7. Walkmen or CD players WITH HEADPHONES are allowed on the bus. Absolutely NO radios, or tape/CD players without headphones. This is a safety rule. Do be aware, however, that although the buses are locked, thefts can and do occur. (If you find that any of your belongings are missing, report it immediately to the chaperones.)
  9. Do not bring valuables on the bus. Security cannot be guaranteed.
  11. Do not bring anything more than you need. Room is tight.
  13. We will be wearing pants/skirts and shoes on the bus for short trips. This is to eliminate the confusion of the extra clothing on the bus and to cut down on our "ready" time. On longer trips changing will be allowed provided that you have shorts and tee shirts under your uniform.
  15. Listen to your chaperones. They are there for your safety and are following the guidelines set up by the school and me. A request from them is a request from me. If you want to be treated with respect, you need to give respect.
  17. Different bus drivers have different rules. If a driver makes a request, you need to follow it, even though it may be different from another driver. They are responsible for your safety.
  19. When we arrive at a performance site, the words are "BE FLEXIBLE." The situation is a little different at each place, but generally when we arrive:
    1. Finish getting dressed
    3. Stay on the bus until told, except for loading crew
    5. When you get off the bus get your instrument and line up in parade formation and wait for directions.

    In unusual circumstances such as bad weather, your patience is greatly appreciated.

  21. Following the performance, return to the truck and wait patiently for the loading crew to unload the cases. Put your instrument away and get on your bus promptly. The staff will attend a meeting with the judges after each competition, so wait patiently on your bus.
  23. If you have a question or problem, see if a chaperone or Mrs. Cusano can help you. Mr. C and the staff are usually busy getting directions from the host and organizing the entire group. Mrs. C will also have basic instrument repair items if an emergency arises.
  25. Following the trip, all students are responsible for closing any open windows and cleaning up trash around their seats. Make sure you take all of your belongings with you.
  27. In years past, the band has sung the Alma Mater as the buses enter the school campus. It would be nice to revive that tradition. It adds a nice closure to the evening. SENIORS, please take the initiative to get it started on your buses.

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