Article I - Membership

     The membership of this club shall include any band
member, alumni, parent, or other person interested in the
progress and development of the John Overton High School
band program.  Parents of band members, upon payment of
dues, shall automatically be voting members.  Band
members shall automatically be non-voting members.
Alumni and other persons interested in the progress and
development of the John Overton High School band program
shall be welcome as non-voting members.

Article II - Officers and Elections

     Sec. 1    Officers shall be president, vice-
               president, secretary, and treasurer.

     Sec. 2    These officers shall be elected annually
               from nominations of the nominating
               committee and nominations from the floor.

     Sec. 3    In the event the office of president
               shall become vacant, the vice-president
               shall become president.  In the event any
               other office shall become vacant, it
               shall be filled at the next regular
               meeting by a majority vote of the
               membership present.

     Sec. 4    Officers shall be elected at the April
               meeting and shall take office at the May

Article III - Amendments

     The Charter may be amended by a two-thirds majority
vote of the membership present at any regular meeting.
The by-laws may be amended by a quorum as specified in
Article VII, Sec. 3 of the by-laws.  Amendments to either
must have been presented in writing at the preceding
regular meeting or the club, or shall have been mailed to
all members of record prior to the regular meeting of the

Article IV - Duties of Officers

     Sec. 1    The president shall preside at all
               meetings of the club, appoint all
               committee chairmen, and shall be an ex-
               officio member of all committees.

     Sec. 2    The vice-president shall assume all the
               duties of the president in his absence
               and other duties as may be assigned by
               the president.  The vice-president shall
               be chairman of the Ways and Means

     Sec. 3    The secretary shall keep the membership
               records and minutes of all meetings and
               attend to the correspondence.

     Sec. 4    The treasurer shall receive all monies
               accruing to the club and shall deposit
               same in an approved depository under the
               name of the John Overton High School Band
               Booster Club of Nashville, Inc.  The
               treasurer shall keep an accurate and
               complete record of all receipts and
               disbursements.  The treasurer shall be a
               member of the Ways and Means Committee.

     Sec. 5    The president or vice-president or
               secretary and the treasurer shall be
               authorized to sign checks; two signatures
               per check.

Article V - Executive Board

     Sec. 1    The Executive Board shall consist of the
               president, vice-president, secretary,
               treasurer, band directors, and school

     Sec. 2    The General Board shall include all
               appointed committee members under Article
               IV, Sec. 1.

     Sec. 3    The Executive Board shall have general
               supervision of the affairs of the club,
               and shall meet at times determined by the
               president or by a majority of the
               Executive Board.

Article VI - Committees

     Sec. 1    The Nominating Committee shall consist of
               five (5) members, two appointed by the
               president and three (3) elected by the
               Executive Board at the regular January
               meeting.  the committee shall make its
               report at the March meeting.

     Sec. 2    There shall be the following standing
               committee chairmen appointed by the
               president: Equipment and Trailer;
               Chaperon; Membership; Publicity;
               Hospitality; Uniform; Guard; Percussion;
               Band Camp; Historian; Newsletter;
               Sunshine; and such others as the
               Executive Board shall find necessary.

     Sec. 3    The Ways and Means Committee shall submit
               their plans for raising funds to the
               Executive Board for approval prior to
               submission to the membership for final
               approval.  This committee will consist of
               parents of band students appointed by the
               Ways and Means Chairman and a minimum of
               (6) band students.

Article VII - Meetings

     Sec. 1    The regular meetings of the club shall be
               help once each calendar month, September
               through May.

     Sec. 2    Special meetings may be called by the
               president or vice-president with a
               minimum notice of forty-eight (48) hours.

     Sec. 3    A quorum for all meetings shall consist
               of at least twenty (20) members present
               after members have been notified by
               telephone and/or newsletter prior to the
               meeting and must include the president
               and vice-president.

Article VIII - Dues

     Sec. 1    Annual dues of $5.00 per family or
               associate member shall be included in the
               Band Camp registration fee or shall be
               paid upon acceptance into the band

Article IX - Funds

     Sec. 1    All funds created under the sponsorship
               of the club shall be deposited by the
               treasurer in a depository approved by the
               Executive Board.

     Sec. 2    Approval of the Executive Board shall be
               required for the disbursement of any club

     Sec. 3    A budget shall be approved at the August
               meeting by the club membership.
               Emergency expense not included in said
               budget shall be approved by the
               president.  Such emergency expenditures
               shall be limited to a maximum of $200.00.

Article X - Financial Reports

     Sec. 1    The treasurer shall be required to
               prepare a monthly financial report, and
               an annual financial report.  These
               reports shall become a part of the
               permanent records of the club.

     Sec. 2    Copies of the above mentioned financial
               reports shall be filed by the treasurer
               with the Executive Board and with such
               other persons or groups as the Executive
               Board shall direct.

     Sec. 3    An independent review of the financial
               statements shall be made in June of each
               year.  The Executive Board shall select a
               qualified individual to conduct the
               review of the financial records.  This
               report shall be given by the treasurer to
               the board and general membership in the
               first regular meeting of the next fiscal

     Sec. 4    The year ending financial review will be
               submitted by the outgoing treasurer and
               given to the current fiscal year
               treasurer when turning over financial

The Charter and By-laws of the John Overton High School
Band Booster Club of Nashville, Inc. have been adopted by
a two-thirds majority vote of the club membership of
record on Monday, September 19, 1988, and shall be in
effect from date forward.  A copy of the Charter and By-
laws shall be displayed in a prominent place in the
band room at all times, and a copy shall be filed in the
principal's office.

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